Type of Fabric Natural fabric
What is it? Leather is made from animal skin, most commonly from cows. There are also leathers made from snakes and alligators, and are known as exotic leathers. There are 5 main types of leather : (ranked from highest quality to lowest)
  1. Full Grain or Top Grain Leather
  2. Corrected or Embossed Grain
  3. Split Suede
  4. Nubuck Sueded Grain
  5. Reconstituted, Bonded or Fibre Leather
Quality Strong durable, waterproof. Depends on the type of leather.
Environmental Impact 80% of the leather in the world is tanned using highly toxic process that leads to increase in toxic waste being released into waterways. However, there are leather which are eco-friendly and are tanned without using chemicals.
How to Care
  1. Handle with clean hands.
  2. Clean filth frequently.
  3. Apply cleaner made for leather occasionally.
  4. Avoid exposure from sunlight.